Sunday, September 1, 2013

Online Learning and Copic Markers

Well now that Creative Ladder is up and running, I decided to take their first two classes.  Creating Cards with Character is presented by My Favorite Things stamps.  It covers a lot of different techniques to use in card making.  The second one that I'm taking is Chiaroscuro: light and shade by Sandy Allnock, Exec. Dir. of Operation Write Home.  She covers how to shade different objects to make them more realistic.  So I have been doing a lot of practicing in coloring.  My first ones were objects from Sandy's class:

I did these with my Prismacolor pencils.  I don't think they came out too bad.  The differences in color on the different planes is very subtle.  It was hard to get a good contrast.  Both classes recommended copic markers so I got them and started practicing.  My second set of images are also from Sandy's class:
 I think the apple came out really well and the egg doesn't look too bad.  I'm not sure about the flower.    Sandy has us practicing on faces now so here's my attempt at coloring her drawing:
Well now it's time to start coloring some images for cards.  So I stamped some images from My Favorite Things and started coloring.  Of course, I first needed to get a Momento tuxedo black inpad like they both recommended.  

So now with all of this, we'll see if my cards improve as I go along.  Till next time, have a great day!


  1. WOW, gal! This is what you're turning out when I know darn good and well that you just got those Copics?! Oh boy I'm gonna have a lot to learn when I get back. Love your Masculine cards too. I've got the last EF the cogs and one of the spellbinders, the strap hinge type thingy (real technical huh?). Hold down the fort,

  2. Hey I may be slow at clicking blog links, but I'm here :) And wanna say you're doing great in class Andrea! Love watching you try new things - and yes, stamped images will seem a lot easier once you're done with the boring images in class, you're already figuring that out! Love those little native American girlies, wow!

  3. Thanks Sandy! I'm having fun with coloring. It's becoming my go to project while watching TV. I think I'm going to be refilling the skin tone markers a lot! LOL